Block Paving, Cobble Driveways, Flagging, Gravel Driveways & Access Roads.

Cobble Driveway

An impressive block paved driveway to your property is a beautiful feature in or around any home or business. It can add value and security to your property, as well as providing a maintenance-free solution where the old driveway is looking tired, uneven and worn out.

We install numerous driveway and access road solutions including Block Paving, Driveway Flagging, Cobbles, Imprinted Concrete and Resin Bound Gravel driveways.

Webster and Son Landscapes LTD use only the high quality driveway surfacing systems which have been established as being widely used to beautifully transform driveways, paths, access roads and landscaping schemes.

There are a huge range of options to choose from. Block Paving alone has infinite possibilities when you start to mix-and-match or add patterns. Cobble Driveways, similarly can be uniform vs organic, smart vs rustic. Flagging doesn't have to mean boring. Concrete driveway flagging is now available in many colours and textures.


Low Cost Gravel Driveways

Low Cost Gravel Driveways

First impressions do count so incorporating a gravel driveway into the landscaping of your home, whether large or small, will instantly add character to your home.

Gravel driveway option 1 is a bitumen based semi-bonded stone surfacing system that can be applied onto a wide variety of surfaces. Once the design, texture, colour and layout of the driveway are decided, our expert team carefully lay two layers of bitumen binding adhesive over the surface, then cover the area with a layer of angular gravel. Small amounts of loose surface dressing are then added to provide the 'security noise' of a gravel drive without compromising on safety and durability.

The new gravel driveway is ready to be used for light pedestrian traffic straight away and within 24 hours can be used for driving and parking.

Because of it's low-cost and versatility, this system is ideally suited to older properties and offers the perfect solution to a worn and uninspiring driveway area, particularly when used in renovation projects.

Low Cost Gravel Driveway Benefits & Features

  • Low-Cost
  • Low-maintenance
  • Instant Rejuvenation
  • Adds value to you property
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Durable, hard wearing, slip-resistant
  • Instant added security from gravel 'noise'
  • Range of finishes available

Hardwearing Gravel Driveways

Hardwearing Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway option 2 is recommended for larger areas such as commercial schemes, business parks, leisure centres and urban pedestrian areas. This gravel driveway option incorporates a hard wearing, resin bonded stone surfacing system that can be used for overlaying smooth areas of asphalt or concrete.It is the ideal solution for rejuvenating areas where the existing surface is in a fairly good condition but would benefit from a 'face-lift'.

Once the design, appearance and layout have been decided, the application is fast and effective. Our driveway specialists will ensure the surface of the area is smooth and in good condition as any substrate undulations are 'mirrored' in the finished surface. A 2-part resin is then applied over the surface and densely scattered with a small aggregate. Once the resin is cured any loose gravel is removed by brushing and the resultant finish is a durable layer of gravel bonded to the treated surface. This type of resin bonded surface provides an extremely hard wearing yet attractive surface with excellent anti-slip and anti-skid properties.

Heavy Duty Gravel Driveway Benefits & Features

  • Cost effective
  • Instant rejuvenation
  • Very attractive, natural and modern
  • Fast & simple installation
  • Minimal disruption during application
  • Very durable and hard-wearing
  • Low maintenance
  • High friction giving high slip resistance
  • BBA Approved for use on roads for over 10 years when laid to specification

Both Gravel Driveway options are available from Webster & Son Landscapes LTD and are the choice for Bonded Gravel Driveway Surfacing in the Stockport, Manchester & Cheshire areas.